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Checker Process

Not sure what insurance you need? Let us help. Answer just a few questions and we can guide you in the right direction

Do you provide a service?

In the course of your work do you meet with people face to face, at your workplace or elsewhere? This includes clients, contractors and members of the public.

In the course of your work could you do something you shouldn’t have done or not do something you should have. In other words, could you make a mistake at work?

Could you cause physical or mental harm to a client in the course of your work? This covers anything which can cause bodily injury, mental injury, illness, disease or death.

Do you sell, repair, install, alter, clean or treat products which were not manufactured by you?

Do you employ anyone who is not a family member?

Do you have a website related with your business and practice?

Do you use email to communicate with your clients?

Do you store personal data on your computer?

If you were to suffer a serious injury (e.g. lose the use of a limb, sight, hearing, etc.) will it prevent you from doing your job?

Have you got any business-related belongings in your office for which you’re legally responsible NOT insured elsewhere? These could be computers, furniture, glass & displays, works of art, stocks, signs and personal belongings.

Do you have business equipment which you use to work outside of your office (e.g. laptops, cameras, massage tables, event stands, etc.)?