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Cyber and Data

Cyber and Data Liability protection... because it's scary out there!

  • Choice of cover level
  • Up to £50,000 cover limit available
  • Can be added to existing policies
  • No overseas cover
  • Have protection in place straight away
  • Other optional extras include; employers liability, office contents, personal accident and portable business equipment
  • Can only be purchased with our 'Combined Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice' cover

What is Cyber Liability insurance?

Cyber Liability insurance is specially designed to tackle the problems associated with your computer systems, websites and emails. These issues can extend from your misuse of material, through mis-handling of data to loss and damage caused by viruses or hacking.

Not only do we provide practical support to help you deal with the immediate situation but also help with costs associated with advertising and customer contact to reinstate any loss to reputation.

Do I need it?

In this modern world it seems almost impossible to run a business without using computers in some way or another but what happens when something goes wrong?

We all know of the constant battle against computer viruses so imagine how easy it would be for you to be targeted by one which you then inadvertently transfer via your email or website to customers or other businesses.

Employees are carefully chosen but even the best of them can have a bad day and can share some inappropriate comments about a customer or competitor or send an email with confidential information to the wrong person.

And then there are hackers who will, for fun or money, choose to hack your site causing damage or total loss, changing content or leaving inappropriate pop ups. It's happened to thousands of businesses, small to large, including the NHS and it can certainly happen to you.

So, if your business has a website, stores electronic data or uses email to correspond then you should consider this protection.

Having a comprehensive policy in place provides you with peace of mind, meaning that if the worst does happen, the best are there to help.

Policy Features

  • Your policy provides coverage for the following:
    • - your business has its website or systems hacked causing loss or damage
    • - there is any security breach
    • - you have unintentionally included copyrighted or intellectual property on your website
    • - a customer or competitor claims you have made defamatory comments about them on your site or in an email
    • - there is mis-appropriation or misuse of confidential information
    • - you inadvertently spread a virus to customers or other businesses
    • - a hacker uses your electronic identity for the purpose of fraud
    • - your business reputation is damaged due to any of the above
  • Coverage does not include work overseas

Jargon Busting

  • Cyber extortion: a demand for money or something else of value in exchange for not carrying out a threat to commit harm to computer systems
  • Computer system: your own computer network, including any third party software programs and portable media or computer devices
  • Hacker: anyone who specifically targets you and gains access to your website via the internet or other external electronic link, solely by electronically circumventing the security systems in place to protect against such access
  • Infringement: any actual or alleged unauthorised use or violation
  • Intellectual property: any intellectual property, including a trademark (including collective or service mark), a certification mark, trade name, trade dress, trade secret, copyright or passing off or link to or framing of another page. However, this does not apply to any domestic or foreign patent or patent-related rights
  • Breach of privacy: any computer-related unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of non-public personal information as established by law
  • Programme: a set of instructions written in a computer language that tells a computer how to process data or interact with ancillary equipment
  • Security: breach any actual or alleged failure to prevent unauthorised access to or use of any computer, software, network or electronic information system
  • Virus: programmes that are secretly introduced without your permission or knowledge including but not limited to malware, worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and other malicious unwanted software
  • Website: any website(s) where you have full control over the content and which you operate for the promotion of your business. Also includes its domain name, metatags and hyperlinks and the marketing and advertising of your business contained therein

How much will it cost?

The cost for Cyber and Data liability is as little as £40 per year or £3.33 per month plus tax. When you think that's about the same as a cup of coffee each month to keep your business safe from malicious attack, then it's worth every penny.

You are also able to choose the cover level to suit your needs

£15,000      £40 + tax

£25,000      £75 + tax

£50,000      £120 + tax

What's the process?

For a new policy

Getting a quote, or multiple quotes, and buying insurance from Westminster couldn’t be quicker or easier. You can have your policy up and running in minutes. All online, you can do it whenever suits you best and be in control of the whole process, but if you have any questions, we are very happy to hear from you.

Remember, this cover is only available as an additional option on our Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policies.

  • 1. Click on the 'Get a Quote' button.
  • 2. Choose to include the Cyber and Data Protection option.
  • 3. See the quote straight away on screen, and you can either save it for later or continue on to purchase.
  • 4. Once the payment is processed, the policy documents are immediately emailed to you.

To add to an existing policy

  • 1. Phone us on 01305 839939, or email 'mail@westminster.global' , and simply give us your Policy Number and ask us to add this cover.
  • 2. We will send you an email which asks for your confirmation of the change and payment.
  • 3. Once the payments is processed, your updated policy documents will be re-issued to you.
  • 4. All nice and easy!

Frequently asked questions

General and Quotes

Again, two options here:

1.      If you are obtaining a new insurance policy with Cyber & Data Liability add-on, you will be able to choose payment by monthly instalments.

2.      If you want to add this cover mid-term, you will be required to pay the whole amount of the add-on product.

Policy and Coverage

Yes. With this policy in place we will be able to indemnify you in such an unfortunate scenario. The appropriate level of cover will also provide you with compensation for the advertising costs aimed to restore your reputation following such a claim.

If you have received a notification for a claim, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, if you happen to transfer a computer virus to someone with whom you do business OR if a hacker attack was specifically targeted at you, we will pay you the necessary costs and expenses for the damages you incurred.

This policy would not cover any claims, including arbitration, brought outside of United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

Changes, Cancellation and Renewal

Yes, you can add this additional protection to your existing policy at any time during the period of cover.  We refer to this as a 'mid-term' adjustment.

Simply contact us by phone or email and we will arrange this with you.

Once you have added an additional area of cover to your policy, it cannot be cancelled during the term of the policy.  However, when your policy becomes due for renewal you can remove it from the coverage that you require for the following year's policy.

General and Quotes

The answer to this question will depend on whether you:


1. want to get a quote for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policy including Cyber and Data cover, or

2. already have an existing policy with us and would like to add Cyber Liability cover


Answer 1

We are a fully automated process and provide all the information needed for you to make an informed decision on-line. 

A quotation is available 24/7 on-line. Click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button.  That will take you through the questions necessary to provide a quotation. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and once produced you have the option to save it for later or proceed direct to purchase. 

If you choose to proceed to purchase, we will collect your contact details and then request payment. Payment is by Credit or Debit Card and once authorised your policy is issued immediately. Your documents will be emailed to you for you to print and/or save.


Answer 2

If you would like to see the cost of adding this to your existing policy you can find the details on the Cost tab of the Cyber and Data page.  If you wish to go ahead, simply contact us by email or phone for us to arrange this with you.


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