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Terms of business

Terms of Business

Accepting our terms of business

Please read this document carefully. It sets out the terms and conditions on which we agree to act for you and contains details of our respective responsibilities. By asking us to quote for, arrange or handle your insurance, you are providing your informed agreement to these Terms of Business. This document will supersede any Terms of Business previously in force. Please contact us immediately if there is anything in these Terms of Business which you do not understand or with which you disagree. References to "We" and "Us" means Westminster Insurance Ltd References to "you" means the insured and/or their appointed agent.

    Fees / Commission

Westminster Insurance Ltd act as an agent for the insurance underwriters. We are what is called an ‘Authorised Coverholder which means that we are fully authorised to issue policies on behalf of the insurer. We provide the website, the online information, the online quote process and staff to answer all queries. We are also responsible for issuing your policy documents and provide maintenance services. We process policy payments, and pass these on to the insurer together with extensive reports.

In return for providing these services we charge a Policy Fee. This varies but is clearly stated on the quote and policy documents. The following table provides a guideline but you may find that you receive a discount on these fees.

TURNOVERUp to 125125 - 250250 - 375375 - 500500 -750
Tiers 1 - 3708090100110
Tiers 4 - 58090100110120

In addition to the policy fee, we receive a small amount of commission from the insurers.

    Changes to terms and conditions

Westminster Insurance Ltd may change the terms and conditions from time to time. By browsing this website you accept the current terms and conditions and disclaimer. You should check these each time you revisit the site.

Changes to/operation of website

  • Westminster Insurance Ltd may change the format and content of this website (or of any insurance products or services offered via this website) at any time
  • Westminster Insurance Ltd may suspend the operation of this website (or suspend provision of any insurance products or services offered via this website) for support or maintenance work, for content updates or for any other reason
  • Westminster Insurance Ltd reserves the right to stop access to this website (and to products and services offered via the website) at any time and without notice

Your responsibilities

Insurance selection

You are responsible for deciding whether any of our products or services are suitable for your purposes. Please read the relevant policy terms and conditions carefully before buying any insurance policy.

The purchase of any insurance product(s) available through this website will be subject to these terms and conditions and the relevant policy terms and conditions.

If you need any advice before buying any insurance policy, please contact an independent financial adviser or insurance adviser.

Accurate completion of self-certifying application

The insurance proposal, quotation, and issuance through the Westminster Insurance site, provides guidance and clear instructions, and is a self-certifying processregarding the insured's qualification to provide the services for which the insurance is sought. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read the questions and guidance carefully, and that the proposal formis completedhonestly and accurately.

You must also review confirmation of cover/policy documents supplied byus to you to ensure that they accurately reflect your requirements. If we have provided your documents electronically you can ask us for a paper copy. Particular attention should be paid to policy conditions, claims conditions and/or warranties (if applicable) as failure to comply may reduce or invalidate your cover. Should there be any discrepancies, you must notify us immediately.It is your responsibility to ensure that all sums insured, and policy limits are adequate.

Fair presentation

The insurance we provide is wholly or mainly for purposes related to the insured's trade, business, or profession and as such the business has a duty to make a fair presentation of the risk to the insurer.This entails disclosing to the insurer every 'material circumstance' which you know or ought to know. You should conduct a reasonable search to ascertain all material facts within your organisation, making enquiries of senior management and other relevant individuals where necessary.

This duty to make a fair presentation applies before your cover is placed, when it is renewed and any time thatit is varied.

Your policy wording may also provide that this duty continues for the duration of the policy. A 'material circumstance' is if it would influence an insurer's judgment in determining whether to accept the risk,or the terms of the insurance (including premium). If you are in any doubt whether a circumstance is material, we recommend that it should be disclosed.

Failure to disclose a material circumstance may entitle the insurer to impose different terms on your cover or proportionately reduce the amount of any claim payable. In some circumstances the insurer will be entitled to avoid the policy from inception and in this event any claims under the policy would not be paid.

Payment of premiums

By completing the purchase of the insurance, you agree that you are buying a one-yearpolicy and that the full premium is due, paid either byone annual payment, or by spreading the cost over monthly instalments.

Inform us of non-renewal

We will always contact you in good time before renewal to provide renewal terms. It is important that if you donot wish to renew that you inform us as soon as possible. There is 'Do Not Renew' option in the emails that we will send you. The Policy will be renewed automatically if you have not selected this option or contacted us to confirm that you no longer require such insurance.

Cancellation of your policy

Full details of cancellation rights; notice periods and premium implications can be found in your policy document and are shown below.

This policy has a cooling off period of fourteen (14) days which starts from either of the below dates, whichever comes later:

  •    a. the date you received this documentation; or
  •    b. the start of the period of insurance.

You can cancel this policy within the fourteen (14) day cooling off period by instructing Westminster Insurance Ltd or via the cancellation option in your online account. Provided you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid, subject to a deduction of £15 of the policy fee which is retained to cover reasonable administrative costs. The policy will be cancelled with effect from the start date of the period of insurance and treated as if it never existed.

After the fourteen (14) day cooling off period you may cancel this policy at any time by instructing Westminster Insurance Ltd or via the cancellation option in your online account.

We can cancel this policy by giving you 30 days written notice. We will only do this for a valid reason, for example, due to:

  •    a. non-payment of premium;
  •    b. changes in the risk which means that we can no longer provide you with insurance cover;
  •    c. your non-cooperation or failure to supply information or documentation we request; or
  •    d. threatening or abusive behaviour or the use of threatening or abusive language by you.

If this policy is cancelled after the fourteen (14) day cooling off period or following notice of cancellation by us, provided you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid, subject to a deduction of a £35 policy fee and for any time for which you have been covered. This will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the number of days covered.

If we pay any claim, in whole or in part, then no refund of premium will be allowed.

If we have agreed that you can pay us the premium by installments and we have not received an installment we may give notice of cancellation and cancel the policy. In this event, the period of insurance will equate to the period for which premium instalments have been paid to us. The cancellation and amended period of insurance will be confirmed in writing by us.


In the event of an incident occurring which could give rise to a claim under your policy, you should notify us as soon as possible in accordance with your policy conditions. Failure to do so could prejudice the insurer's position and lead to the claim being repudiated or not paid in full. When we receive notification of an incident that could give rise to a claim, we will respond promptly, explain how we will handle your claim and tell you what you need to do. We will give you reasonable guidance to help you make a claim under your policy.

Reporting claims

You shall, as soon as practicable and prior to expiry of the period of insurance, provide Westminster Insurance Ltd with written notice of any claim made against you. Furthermore, every letter, demand, writ summons and legal process relating to such claim shall be forwarded to us as soon as practicable after receipt.

Phone: 01305 839 939 (please note that phone calls may be recorded) E-mail: claims@westminster.global

Further guidance and contact information can be found on our website: https://uk.westminster.global/help/claims

Keep your contact details up to date

We will communicate with you using the email address and phone number you provided during the application process. We do not share your details with third parties and we do not send unwanted marketing material. Our communications are important and are in connection with your insurance policy. Therefore, it is important that you keep your contact details up to date. This can be done via your Client Account or by emailing us.

Respect our copyright

All data information text images and layout are the exclusive property of Westminster Insurance Ltd and must not be emailed, networked, shared, republished, reproduced, transferred or copied (other than for reasonable personal professional use e.g. audit trails or backups). All copyright intellectual and other property rights shall continue to be held by Westminster Insurance Ltd and no rights of any kind shall pass. Any attempt to damage the site or act in contravention of these Terms and Conditions may give rise to legal redress and Westminster Insurance Ltd reserves the right to seek damages from such perpetrator.

Our responsibilities

Provide high service levels

Westminster Insurance staff are a dedicated team who go above and beyond to offer its customers a good service. We will always aim to provide prompt responses to emails (usually same working day) and answer phone calls direct - no automated answering service.

Data protection

We will only use your personal details in line with our Privacy Policy, details of which can be found here: https://uk.westminster.global/help/privacy-policy

Please read this carefully before proceeding. By providing your personal details to us you are consenting to its use in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We are committed to treating our customers fairly, however, we realise that there may be times when things go wrong. If this happens, please contact Westminster Insurance in the first instance.

Please read this carefully before proceeding. By providing your personal details to us you are consenting to its use in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The easiest way to complain is simply to give us a call.

Phone us on 01305 839939 or Email us at: complaints@westminster.global

Full details of our Complaints Process can be found here: https://uk.westminster.global/help/complaints


We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. Insurance advising and arranging is covered by the FSCS for 100% of your claim if it relates to compulsory insurance. For other cases, it is covered for 90% of the claim, with no upper limit.

Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS, via their website, www.fscs.org.uk or calling them on 0800 678 11.

Handling money - statutory trust

We act as agent of the insurers in collecting premiums from you and handling refunds that may be due to you. Onceheld by us, such monies are deemed to have been received by the insurer with which your insurance is arranged.

Client money is money of any currency that we receive and hold on behalf of our clients in the course of carrying on business as an insurance intermediary, or money that we treat as client money in accordance with the FCAClient Money Rules.

We hold client money in a statutory trust. We will retain any interest earned on the client money we hold.We will take any commission owed to us upon receipt of the premium.

We may transfer client money to another person, such as another broker or settlement agent for the purposeof effecting a transaction on your behalf through that person. By paying your premiums you are agreeing to usholding client money in the above manner.

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