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You can have multiple practices on your policy at no extra cost. T3, T4 and T5 indicate practices which are charged at higher rates.

IMPORTANT TIP. You may find that the business name differs a little from what you call it, but provided that the description matches what you do, this will provide the cover you require.

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Business Practices List for: saline

Tattoo/Permanent Make-up/Pigment Removal (T3)

Tattoo/permanent makeup/pigment removal is a process by which the skin is penetrated to break up the tattoo/permanent makeup/pigment and pull it out of the skin with a saline solution (salt + purified water) or alkaline-based solutions mixed with acids. Slower but safer than other tattoo removal methods this fading technique can be used in any area. The procedure is similar to tattooing or microblading but instead of injecting ink underneath the skin, it works in reverse, pulling the ink out and lightening the area. Practitioners must be qualified and trained in administering this treatment including the provision of before and after care guidance to the client. Skin type checks on the Fitzpatrick scale in place prior to treatment being provided.

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